Exo™ Hands Free Pleasure Wearable

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Explore new sensations with Exo, the hands-free wearable for anyone with a penis.  Wear it around your waist and insert yourself into the skin soft, stretchy sleeve to experience stimulation and pleasure in any position, all in sync with your body’s organic lovemaking rhythms.  Express your self.

Inspired by dysphoria in the trans female community and refined by anatomical science, Exo adapts to your unique physiology, connecting you to your evolving sensual experiences.

Engineered materials, zero electronics, and infinite adjustment all provide an embracing support for your body, building a better connection to self and others.


  • Skin soft sleeve expands or contracts to comfortably fit your unique size
  • Multiple sleeve ring positions adapt to your unique length
  • Snap buckles have non-slip tightening and quick release
  • No batteries and no electronics
  • Disassembles for cleaning

    User Size Guidelines:

    • Erect Diameter: 0.8in - 2.0in
    • Height: 6ft 4in max
    • Waist: 45in max (double wrapped)


    Platinum Silicone(Sleeve), ABS(Tummy Plate), ABS/PC(Rings and Buckles), EVA foam(Tummy Pads), Polyester, 7/8" Grossgrain(Straps)

    14 Day Trial Period:

    Exo comes with a free 14 day trial period!  Try Exo out, and if after 14 days you're not satisfied you can return it for a full refund.  Please see our Refund Policy for more information. 

    Always discrete shipping.  Company name "RPeg LLC" will be displayed on the shipping label of the blank package.

    Availability outside of North America:

    Exo can be purchased in most European countries from the following site:

    Unfortunately Exo is not currently available in any other territories, however please contact us if you're unable to order the Exo, and we'll try to find a distributor in your area!

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