Frequently Asked Questions

By no means an exhaustive list!

Please contact us if you have additional questions that aren't answered here.

Is Exo available outside of North America?
Exo can be purchased in most European countries from the following site:

Unfortunately Exo is not currently available in any other territories, however please contact us if you'd like to order an Exo, and we'll try to find a distributor in your area!

Does that actually work?
YES! Exo was designed and tested to give users a hands free orgasm. It works by using the movements of your ribcage and tummy to control a sleeve that gently stimulates you in sync with your body's organic lovemaking movements.

What if Exo doesn't work for me?
Exo comes with a free 14 day trial period. Try Exo out, and if after 14 days you're not satisfied you can return it for a full refund. Please see our refund policy for more information.
We hope you’ll like Exo, but we don’t want to sell you something if it doesn’t work for you. We’re in business to help people express themselves, not to trick them into buying something they can’t use!

What makes Exo gender affirming?
We hope that Exo can actually help alleviate gender dysphoria during sex. For trans women with a penis who don’t enjoy touching their genitals during sex and/or who prefer to orgasm using their organic body movements, Exo can help you to orgasm without masturbating.

Do you need to have an erection to use Exo?
Exo may be able to offer some stimulation without an erection, but we strongly recommend that the user be able to achieve an erection while using the sleeve on Exo.
If you lose an erection or are just getting started, Exo can be worn without the sleeve snapped in. Once you achieve an erection and are ready to use the sleeve, it can be snapped back in.

What about Exo makes it "designed for the LGBTQ+ community?"
Exo was designed to enable users to orgasm during anal sex. The target audience from the very beginning was trans women. From there, it became clear that others in the LGBTQ+ community, including AMAB enby folk and gay/bisexual males might also enjoy the experience that Exo provides. The statements “made for the LGBTQ+ community” and “inspired by the trans female community” are the DNA of Exo, and we believe it’s very important to acknowledge this. Its important that marginalized communities get recognition for their contribution to our lives.

Are the materials body safe?
All materials used in Exo have a long history of being body safe. The sleeve is platinum-cure silicone, the gold standard for body safe materials. All other plastic components are made from ABS, the material that Lego blocks are made from, and is considered safe for use by small children. The pads are made from EVA foam, the same material used in yoga mats and foam-based children’s toys. The straps are made from body-safe polyester.

How do I loosen the strap?
The strap is designed to tighten only one way. This allows the user to snug the toy up to their tummy to ensure it functions properly. To loosen the strap, simply pull at the exposed ribbon on the buckle. See our instructions page for more information. If you’re wearing Exo and want to loosen a strap, we recommend popping one of the buckles out before trying to loosen it.

I have a larger body type; will Exo work for me?
While we have tried to design Exo to accommodate a wide range of body types, we don’t have enough test data yet to be able to say whether Exo will work perfectly for every body type. Our current return policy is designed to give our customers enough time to determine whether Exo will work for them, and return the product for a full refund if it does not. We have no desire to sell something that doesn’t work for our customers and we’re very interested in your feedback if Exo doesn’t work for you.

Do you use discreet shipping?
Yes. Exo is shipped in a plain brown box, and has no references to the product itself. Company name "RPeg LLC" will be displayed on the shipping label of the blank package.

Are you planning to add vibration?
Exo was designed to be modular to allow for additional variants in the future. Depending on customer interest, we may add an option for vibration in the future.

Will you be adding other colors?
Exo is a wearable, and may often be worn with lingerie. As a result, we chose to launch Exo in the most common lingerie color - black. Our user testing also indicated pink as a preferred color, so we added pink as an early option. Over time we’ll be adding more colors based on user feedback.